A Bright Future Ahead of Us - Vegas Golden Knights

The 2018 NHL Season was another wild ride for the Vegas Golden Knights that ended after losing Game 7 of the Western Conference Playoffs against the San Jose Sharks. The loss was a heart breaker for those who had watched the Golden Knights take a healthy 3-1 lead for the first round of the Western Conference Playoffs for the Stanley Cup. While the Golden Knights did not secure a spot for the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018, we have every reason to believe that they will be back and better than ever for the 2019 NHL Season. Let's take a closer look at what the Golden Knights have going for them heading into the team's third NHL season.

The unmatched 2017 NHL Season debut for the Vegas Golden Knights was one for the history books. The Vegas Golden Knights played the best debut season in North American professional sports history in 2017, and the first NHL team since the 1927 NY Rangers to win their Division in their inaugural season. William Karlsson led the scoring points, and Marc-Andre Fleury was the winning goaltender for the season. For a first season NHL team, VGK set the stage for a history-making run in 2017-18.

NHL 2018-19 season was a roller coaster start for the Golden Knights. Once the team hit their stride by mid-season, VGK victories were solid, and the team was on track for another great run. Once Colorado had eliminated the Arizona Coyotes from the Playoffs for 2018, Vegas Golden Knights were once again in position for the Western Conference Playoffs. After losing Game 1 of the Playoffs to the San Jose Sharks, the Golden Knights bounced back for a three-game winning streak. Unfortunately, the San Jose Sharks answered the streak with a three-game streak of their own and eliminated the Vegas Golden Knights from the Western Conference Playoffs. The 2018 season saw the emergence of Jonathan Marchessault as a points leader, and once again, Marc-Andre Fleury was the lead goaltender for the Golden Knights.

Rather than sing a sad song about lost opportunities, we look to Vegas Golden Knights team owner Bill Foley and his direction for the upcoming 2019 NHL Season:

"Our season came to a surprising and disappointing end this past week, but I know we have a bright future ahead of us. When we began this journey, we proclaimed that we would achieve "playoffs in three, Cup in six." I am confident we are still on target and are in the process of building a team that will eventually become a consistent Cup contender.

As we have said before, the entire Golden Knights hockey organization including myself is committed to improving next year and every year thereafter. We will never give up and never give in. The Knight always advances and never retreats.

Despite the unfortunate end to our year, I assure you we will come back even stronger next season.

We are honored and privileged to be your Vegas Born team."

Bill Foley, we at Five Hole Clothing could not agree more and look forward to the next season of NHL hockey with our #VegasBorn Golden Knights.